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Visions and world culture

The prize-winning SANAA Building on the site of the Zollverein Colliery.
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Congress – European Future Formats

Results, modes of effect and shared features of European future formats – based on the Ruhr Metropolis example.

Over the last 30 years, the Ruhr Metropolis has gone through a process of change that has merged all the municipal administrations and taken place through a wide range of planning processes. The move away from the coal and steel industries has been a success! Today the universities are the collieries of the future. They produce knowledge, ideas and innovation, and provide work and income for many people of this region. The decline of the region was thus avoided. The densest concentration of major cities in Europe is today a vital and productive educational and services landscape, providing excellent infrastructure and growth conditions for technology and businesses. The European Future Formats congress aims to compare the various formats, planning processes and campaigns experienced in the Ruhr metropolis, and to offer experts, scientists, politicians and stakeholders of all levels and specialities a basis for sharing knowledge, practices and experience.